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Welcome to the official Gardner F Fox website. We are here to bring back the writing of a man that dedicated himself to crafting an adventurous stories. All of his stories are quick reads to help you escape the monotony of your day, He wrote for all sorts of genres. He wrote historical fiction, science fiction, sword and sorcery, love stories, Gothic romance, super-spy thrillers and vintage sleaze. We have broken down the genres with a short descriptions and a link to read chapter one for free.

Historical Fiction (and Romance)

Madame Buccaneer was Mr. Fox’s first paperback novel that he wrote in 1953 and the first of 37 Historical Fiction based stories he would end up writing by 1966.

The Story is about a young man named, Martin Chandos, who is raided by Spanish pirates and left dead. He is rescued and nursed backed to health by a beautiful lady pirate named, Lizzie Hollister. Together they sail the high seas to seek revenge on the Spanish pirate that wronged Martin and get back his treasure.

Here’s a glimpse into chapter one:

THE BLACK GALLEON came down on the wallowing East Indiaman in a sliding rush that sent half a dozen frigate birds lifting and dipping over the heavy waves. Her dark hull was gilded at curving beak and towering stern-castle, and a tall gold cross glittered over her bowsprit, below the white sails bulging on the towering masts. A puff of white smoke appeared at her prow, and an iron shot went arching over the blue waters to fall into the waves with a splash.

If you’d like to find out more about Madame Buccaneer feel free to read the rest of chapter one.

Tonight the Stars Revolt! was one of the last pulp stories Mr. Fox wrote for the industry. He wrote it for Planet Stories issue March 1952. The story is a tried and true Sword and Planet adventure. We follow our hero, Red Angus, a space pirate as he tries to free a beautiful priestess and the people from the tyranny of the Citadel's ruling class.

Here’s a glimpse into the story:

RED ANGUS fled like a frightened hound through the twisted alleys of the Lower City. Dim lamplight from the towering white walls of the Citadel threw glowing brilliance across his naked chest, glinted on the metal studs of his broad leather belt, and on the rippling muscles of his long legs. He skidded on a patch of slops, righted himself and dove for the darkness of an arched doorway. He drew back in the shadows, barely feeling the burn of the new brand on his shoulder that stamped him as a pirate.

If you’d like to read more of Tonight the Stars Revolt! feel free to download the eBook at no charge.

Kothar Barbarian Swordsman is one of three Sword and Sorcery heroes Mr. Fox created for the genre. After the Lancer release of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian in 1966, publishers were scrambling to get their own barbarian hero to the presses. Mr. Fox loved the Sword and Sorcery genre and poured himself into 5 stories for his Kothar character. Kothar is a selllsword who ends up running into an entombed sorcerer named Afgorkan, who gives Kothar his first quest and a magical sword called Frostfire to aid him.

Here’s a bite of what The Sword of the Sorcerer tastes like:

Kothar staggered from the field of battle where men lay staring sightlessly up at the darkening sky, rigid now in death, and where other men were gasping out their lives. He alone of the loyal Foreign Guard was still alive, he alone still held a sword in his hand, though it was a broken one. And behind him, men were coming fast to finish off the youthful guards commander.

The rest of Kothar’s first short story is available to read online in our Chapters section.

As a man, Mr. Fox had his own approach to writing a love story that would have been primarily read by women. Cardboard Lover is a story about a marriage falling apart. It doesn’t sound too “romantic” but it has its “exciting moments” and is worth the quick read to get to the twisted ending. A husband and wife, The Remsens, struggle to keep their marriage together amidst the cheating in America’s growing Suburbian landscape.

Here’s a peek into the the story as the husband, Willard Remsen is starting his next conquest.

She might raise a row, and her husband was downstairs talking to Pam, his own wife. Veronica had been late getting to the house for the country-club dance; she was in the bedroom now in some stage of disarray. To walk in on her might be unforgivable since Franklin Orr was his boss at Structural Associates, his entire career might go up the flue unless things broke just right for him.

We encourage you to read the rest of chapter one if you are a fan of these “romantic” type stories.

Vintage Sleaze is a genre that preempts the erotic novel business. These books are written to get the “juices flowing”. Mr. Fox wrote two series of books that would be considered sexploitation novels. Each series, The Lady from L.U.S.T. and Cherry Delight, are caricatures of loose women that fought bad guys for a living. With all of his comic book writing background, Mr. Fox colorfully spins these characters in and out of intriguing situations, as well as beds.

This paragraph from the beginning of Cherry Delights first novel, The Italian Connection, should key you in on what one is in store for.

The handsome young man with the feather in his hand with which he had been tickling my rather large mammaries and my even more intimate private parts, drew a sobbing breath. Mark Condon is my contact man with N.Y.M.P.H.O., which means he brings me the orders which the bossman of the organization, called The Controller, wants me to carry out.

If this is your bag and you’d like to find out more, please fell free to read the entire first chapter.

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