Terror Over London - rePrint - 013

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Terror Over London - rePrint - 013


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Originally printed in 1957.

Pages 144

Binding Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink Black & white

Weight 0.22 lbs.

Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

LONDON-1888. Fog-wet streets and gas-lit lamps, hansom cabs and dense, wet nights.

A world of proper gentility, of suppressed desires—a world brutally sundered when into it burst the bloody specter of Jack the Ripper.

London became a city at siege, paralyzed in the grip of terror as the list of the Ripper's victims grew and grew—streetwalkers all of them, murdered and mutilated by a knife wielded with all the skill of a sadistic surgeon.

A sadistic surgeon—perhaps even one like Sir Stanley Hawkins, the brilliant young society physician who made many night calls with a particularly wicked sword cane at his hand.

Sir Stanley Hawkins, a man possessed by a devil of a woman who awoke the wanton animal—and the ogre—within him.

Here is a new, overpowering, ingenious theory of the man who might have been Jack the Ripper, a man whose loves and hates drove him down. ward to that most final of all deeds—murder, most horrible.

Transcribed by Kurt Brugel & Richard Fisher - 2018

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