The Swordsman - rePrint

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The Swordsman - rePrint


Originally printed in 1957

Pages 224

Binding Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink Black & white

Weight 0.33 lbs.

Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall




AT an early age, Baibars knew danger was n his destiny. With his strong right arm he set out upon a career that was to take him from the tents of the Mongol Horde to the Sultan's palace at Cairo.

Two women helped him: the sensuous pleasure girl Murakina, whose ambitions envisioned a throne; and the bold English beauty Lady Marion, who loved Baibars only too well.

Two men particularly hated him: Baku Noyan, the Mongol leader, whom Baibars had conquered in war; and the Crusader Sir Conrad, whom Baibars had bested in love.

The destinies of these men led "them to Egypt amidst the clash of arms of a Holy War. Theirs is a story as violent, passionate and daring as the iron age of glory in which they lived.

Transcribed by Kurt Brugel & Douglas Vaughan - 2018

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