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Released December 9th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

This book has both Warrior of Llarn and Thief of Llarn. Both stories are complete. These books are Sword & Planet classics from Gardner Francis Fox. Originally published in 1964 and 1966, written as an homage to Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars series. Gardner Francis Fox takes us to another world, where Alan Morgan, awakes on a planet countless distances from Earth. He has only his intelligence and his masterful swordplay to keep him alive. Llarn is a world of uncharted deserts where cities of incredible age lay broken and empty, destroyed long ago in the great War which had scourged the planet. Those few cities which remained, and those blue and golden-skinned people whose ancestors had lived through The War, gave a coldly hostile welcome to the strange newcomer.

Originally printed in 1964 & 1966 - 286 pages

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Released December 7th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

My name is Cherry Delight. I am just what the name implies, a delightful redhead. I work for N.Y.M.P.H.O. (The New York Mafia Prosecution and Harassment Organization) N.Y.M.P.H.O. is the secret organization dedicated to the wiping out of crime in general and the Mafia in particular. Its most effective executioner is a gorgeous red-headed sexpot named CHERRY DELIGHT! Cherry is a crack-shot. A black belt in judo. A Sherlock Holmes in detection. But her most effective weapon is SEX. If she can't blow out their brains, she can blow their minds.

Originally printed in 1972 - 122 pages

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Released December 1st, 2018

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All 10 short stories have finally been collected. Originally published in Dragon magazine, this was Gardner F. Fox's final attempt of capturing the magic that is Sword & Sorcery. Before creating Niall, Fox had created two other Conan clones, Kothar and Kyrik, in addition to the suspiciously named Crom the Barbarian for comic books. Mr. Fox was well regarded by Gary Gygax and he's listed in Gygax's Appendix N. Appendix N was a list of authors that inspired Mr. Gygax to create Dungeons & Dragons. These short stories are all Sword & Sorcery classics.

Originally printed in 1976-1982 - 292 pages

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Released November 30th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


Kyrik, the mighty warrior, met a lovely woman who appeared to be his gypsy lover Myrnis. But then she disappeared, and Kyrik met another woman who looked just like her. Was this the real Myrnis, or the Lost Queen? The two embarked on a search for the answers, which led them to a strange land where the lovely Myrnis was ruling, under a wizard's spell. Which was the real Myrnis? Sword and sorcery at its thrilling best.SORCERER's SPELL

Kyrik, the mighty warrior, met a lovely woman who appeared to be his gypsy lover Myrnis. But then she disappeared, and Kyrik met another woman who looked just like her. Was this the real Myrnis, or the Lost Queen? The two embarked on a search for the answers, which led them to a strange land where the lovely Myrnis was ruling, under a wizard's spell. Which was the real Myrnis? Sword and sorcery at its thrilling best.

Originally printed in 1976 - 138 pages

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Released November 24th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

DO or DIE!

This is a tale of epic proportions, its action spanning two continents. The Liberty Sword follows the struggles of Benjamin Franklin and his first “spies” as they seek to turn the tide of the revolution against the British.

Action, intrigue and romance are set against the backdrop of the greatest revolution in the world in this rich and powerful novel.

Originally printed in 1976 - 178 pages

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Released November 23rd, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


Someone-or something-was systematically killing all the world's magicians. Kothar, the blond barbarian, had to link up with his enemy, the she-devil temptress Red Lori, to find and vanquish the slayer. Beautiful Lori was his partner but Kothar's best friend was still his magic sword Frostfire.

Originally printed in 1970 - 110 pages

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Released November 17th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

HAIL MESSALINA—daughter of the devil goddess of all delight empress of all Rome!

SHE made jesters out of generals, slaves out of senators, princesses out of prostitutes, love toys out of mighty gladiators—

SHE entered the arena and challenged fierce warriors to mortal combat before thousands of blood-lusting and thrill-hungry subjects—originated the dance of desire that triggered the dusk-till-dawn parties that history still labels Roman orgies—masqueraded as a street-walker and taunted her competitors to night-long contests of proficiency and endurance—

lured her enemies to her bedchamber for a night of rapture and delight before ordering their throats slashed as they lay exhausted and depleted—

She was Messalina—and none dared deny nor disobey her!

Originally printed in 1964 - 156 pages

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Released November 16th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Kyrik, the great and glorious warrior, had battled the fiercest foes imaginable, drawing on his amazing and incredible warlock powers. His tremendous gifts are put to the ultimate test as he is forced to a life and death battle with the Wizard and the Wizard's sword.

Originally printed in 1976 - 130 pages

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Released November 10th, 2018

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"The masked woman missed him with the downward stroke of her naked blade. Her ankle hit his booted foot and she pitched forward, face down on the street. Michel was like an animal as he shifted the direction of his lunge. With one foot gaining purchase on the street stones, he flung himself on top of her. His right hand caught her right wrist: lifted it and shook it until the stiletto went sailing through the air."

The masked woman who had tried to murder the king's swordsman was the most scandalous figure in the corrupt French court.

These two – the one known for her amours and the other for his assassinations – were plunged into the affair of the century.

A rousing historical novel of the days of intrigue and violence.

Originally printed in 1960 - 174 pages

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Released November 9th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


Kothar rescued the beautiful gypsy girl Stefanya, helper to the wizard Zoqquanor, and carried her off on a journey filled with danger and mystery. His mission was to deliver a magic amulet to Herklar, the Regent of Phalkar. But Herklar was held prisoner in his own dungeon. When Kothar found him, he learned the secret of the true ruler of Phalkar . . . .

Originally printed in 1970 - 108 pages

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Released November 3rd, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


Cherry Delight finds a new high! Not with just any drug, but a new discovery that allows women to become tireless pleasure machines. Naturally the Mafia wants control of this wonder drug, but they reckon without Cherry who, even without a high, always gets her men—one way or another.

Originally printed in 1975 - 90 pages

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Released November 2nd, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

She stalks in beauty.

As a boy, Kothar had been cast upon the desolate shores of Grondel Bay. Since that time, he had grown to lusty manhood, to become the greatest swordsman in the world. He had well earned the name of Magnificent Barbarian. Nothing daunted him, not demons, not sorcerers, nothing creeping or crawling or flying; even the cunning White Worm had been slashed by his magic blade, the enchanted Frostfire. Yet now Kothar was challenged by the Demon-Queen, a beautiful she-devil of limitless cunning and unspeakable passions, For the Mighty Swordsman, it was his greatest trial.

Originally printed in 1969 - 108 pages

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Released October 27th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

He grew into legend, this exultant young giant whom historians call Prester John, the blond, gray-eyed Christian knight, swordsman of fabled prowess, who roused the nomadic hordes of the waste country in a great crusade to capture the Holy Land.

Prester John's bloody quest for power in the name of God ranks with those of Marco Polo and Genghis Khan.

Gardner F. Fox, historian extraordinary, now identifies the fabulous Prester John as Sir John of Lincoln, a Knight Templar out of England, whose love for an Eastern princess, Shirzade, led him to glory.

This great novel of the twelfth century echoes the barbarism, ecstasy, and cruelty of the time when men proudly gave their lives as monuments to their faith.

Originally printed in 1953 - 162 pages

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Released October 26th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

In the Tradition of Conan the Barbarian

The Mightiest Warrior Who Ever Lived—Battles the Forces of Darkness.

When Kyrik—warlock warrior—finds a dying man and a bloody parchment map, he is drawn into a whirlwind of evil in which demon lords contend for all Terra. With Myrnis, his gypsy sweetheart, and the aid of the thief pack, he brings five ancient magical gifts to the land of Surrilione—where he meets betrayal by the very demon lord he has been forced to serve.

Originally printed in 1975 - 120 pages

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Released October 13th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Virility, brutality, a lust to conquer - - these were the fierce passions Thalos the gladiator brought to his battling and his lovemaking!

A giant of a man with a giant of a sword, Thalos had but one consuming desire in life—to avenge the viciously cruel death of his family at the hands of a band of Roman soldiers. Nothing, not even the erotic delights of the most desirable women of Rome, would keep him from his rendezvous with destiny!

Never before has the full fury of Rome swept up in a riot of depravity, debauchery and unspeakable evil been captured with such blazing drama as Slave of the Roman Sword.

Originally printed in 1965 - 322 pages

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Released October 12th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

The enchanted sword!

Kothar stole the helix from the fat Emperor of Avalonia. It was the only way he could hope to recover his magic sword Frostfire from the belly of the Great Eagle of Nirvalla. But the original theft of the helix was to embroil Kothar in even more uncanny adventures. An “ice being,'' an eerie creature even in Kothar's world, used the helix for his own dark purpose Trying to forget the beautiful Laella – driven away by the witch Red Lori - Kothar agreed to deliver another lovely girl from the sinister followers of the god Polthoom. Even with the magic sword flashing in his powerful hands, it was the bloodiest, weirdest, most blood-chilling adventure of his life.

Originally printed in 1969 - 124 pages

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Released October 7th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

LONDON-1888. Fog-wet streets and gas-lit lamps, hansom cabs and dense, wet nights.

A world of proper gentility, of suppressed desires—a world brutally sundered when into it burst the bloody specter of Jack the Ripper.

London became a city at siege, paralyzed in the grip of terror as the list of the Ripper's victims grew and grew—streetwalkers all of them, murdered and mutilated by a knife wielded with all the skill of a sadistic surgeon.

A sadistic surgeon—perhaps even one like Sir Stanley Hawkins, the brilliant young society physician who made many night calls with a particularly wicked sword cane at his hand.

Sir Stanley Hawkins, a man possessed by a devil of a woman who awoke the wanton animal—and the ogre—within him.

Here is a new, overpowering, ingenious theory of the man who might have been Jack the Ripper, a man whose loves and hates drove him down. ward to that most final of all deeds—murder, most horrible.

Originally printed in 1957 - 144 pages

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Released October 6th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

L.U.S.T. Rocks the Kremlin when Eve Drum, Our Super-seductive Secret Agent Double Oh Sex, Swings into action at a top-level Moscow orgy. Her mission is really a hairy one this time she has to compromise a high Soviet official and get him to throw a few of his big secrets our way. Poor Eve! Some of the things she learns at that orgy just can't be classified! And there's danger everywhere. Concealed amid the tangle of tumbling bodies are goodness knows how many Russian counterspies, just waiting for Double Oh Sex to expose herself.

Originally printed in 1968 - 128 pages

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Released September 30th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


This is the Stormy, heroic saga of Sir John Hawkwood who created the notorious White Company and became the most feared conqueror of 14th Century Europe-all because of a woman.

From the moment young Hawkwood set eyes on the dark, fiery beauty of Donnina Visconti he knew he would love her for the rest of his life.

But he was a penniless adventurer, and she was the daughter of the richest and most powerful man in Italy.

To win her became his driving passion. For her, he became a knight, built an army

and stormed the mightiest kingdoms of Italy.

Originally printed in 1959 - 190 pages

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Released September 29th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

My name is Eve Drum. I'm THE LADY FROM LU.S.T.—the wildest, nuttiest Secret agent who ever drove the Kremlin out of its Vodka-guzzling skull. They aren't kidding when they call me the sexiest spy in the World. As Agent Double Oh Sex take on the kind of assignments Jimmy Bond can't handle. All hell breaks loose when I go into action against the sinister forces of H.A.T.E. Don't tangle with me because I'll love you to death. I have a license to kill and I don't care whether I use my body—or a bullet. Sex is my deadliest Weapon, but I'm just as good with a knife. Don't tell me about Judo or fast cars or brainwashing because I know it all. I'm good and you, know it. Watch me use exotic Eastern sex techniques to turn H.A.T.E.'s villainous spy-masters into helpless blobs of desire. Swing along with me as I bump and grind through London strip clubs in pursuit of missing microfilm. Join the fun as I mix business with pleasure, martinis with Molotov cocktails. With a Beretta in my bra. I'm an up-dated Fanny Hill, a tastier brand of Candy, a lethal Lolita. My crazy life is just filled with bloodshed, bedrooms and belly laughs."

Originally printed in 1967 - 108 pages

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Released September 23rd, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Sensualist, hedonist, voluptuary!

She lived on the Isle of Lesbos in reckless pursuit of passion's most wanton pleasures.

Her mountaintop orgies, her untamed revels lifted men to the peak of ecstasy - or drove them mad.

No man meant more to Sappho than an exotic release that flamed briefly, brilliantly, then faded away - until she met Pharon, mighty Athenian warrior: Pharon, a flesh-and-blood man in every sense of the word...

This is a novel of Sappho and Pharon— an intimate love story unmatched in the annals of Erotica.

Originally printed in 1964 - 202 pages

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Released September 22nd, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


Falsely accused of depriving the Empire of its dream of a Promised Land by murdering its Leader, Kael Carrick was exiled to the dread planet Dakkan, a galactic graveyard from which no man returned. But Kael had to return. He alone could dare attempt it For before his death, the Leader had rebuilt.

Kael's war-ravaged body into a cybernetically perfect specimen—a silicon, superman potentially.

capable of destroying the devouring terror of the Slarrn world that now hungered for the Empire. Kael's powers were extraordinary—So much so that—he hesitated to test them. But test them he must. For on his courage and strength alone depended: the fate of the Empire, and its last chance to learn.

whether Paradise or Evil awaited them somewhere in the cosmic vastness.


Originally printed in 1964 - 140 pages

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Released September 16th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback




At an early age, Baibars knew danger was his destiny. With his strong right arm he set out upon a career that was to take him from the tents of the Mongol Horde to the Sultan's palace at Cairo.

Two women helped him: the sensuous pleasure girl Murakina, whose ambitions envisioned a throne; and the bold English beauty Lady Marion, who loved Baibars only too well. Two men particularly hated him: Baku Noyan, the Mongol leader, whom Baibars had conquered in war; and the Crusader Sir Conrad, whom Baibars had bested in love.

Originally printed in 1957 - 224 pages

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Released September 15th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Kyrik the mighty-muscled warlock swordsman is a hero for this or any other age. From Mankind's darkest and most unremembered past he comes striding, the ever-unvanquished sword Blue Fang glittering in his granite-like hand. Through the mists of Man's pre-history he comes a-questing for those who would enslave or destroy him for their evil gain. The greatest champion of all the known world, from the Endless Green Sea to the Red Desert, Kyrik dominated his world and his era.

Originally printed in 1975 - 108 pages

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Released September 14th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

SOLD INTO SLAVERY! It was unthinkable that innocent Eve Doremus of Boston would be forced to parade her naked beauty in a Barbary Coast slave mart. Or that the blond giant who guarded the Sultan's female chattels would be a U.S. Marine lieutenant. Yet anything was possible in exotic, violent, 19th Century Tripoli.

Amid the love-making, intrigues and tortures of the Pasha's pagan court, Eve and her marine—Stephen Fletcher—fell in love. But their romance was destined to face every temptation and peril as they loved and battled their way to freedom.

Originally printed in 1955 - 154 pages

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Released September 9th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


Though they didn't know it, they were dead men. They'd robbed Abel Kinniston of more than money. They'd taken from him his one chance to lead a decent life. An outlaw with a price on his head, Kinniston didn't care how many more notches he carved in his gun.

Originally printed in 1979 - 148 pages

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Released September 8th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback


My name is Eve Drum—The Lady From L.U.S.T.—the sexiest spy in the world. Anything you do I can do better. They call me Double Oh Sex, because sex is my favorite weapon, but I'm just as good at Karate, safe-cracking, knife throwing, scuba diving—you name it. Don't tangle with me: I have a license to kill and I don't care if I use my body—or a Beretta. Swing along as I go into action against a super-villain who wants to wreck N.A.T.O. and heat up the Cold War to the flash point. It will blow your mind.

Originally printed in 1968 - 154 pages

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Released September 7th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Dead or alive the Spanish hidalgos wanted them, the fiery, beautiful Lizzie Hollister and Martin Chandos, the renegade Irishman. Their magic seamanship and gallant swords had cut a bloody swath across the deeps of the Spanish Main. Lizzie, the English beauty, alone was a tempestuous prize for the man who could catch and tame her. At their backs fought the galleon crew, a grim-faced cutthroat assembly, for whom kill and pillage were the laws of the sea and gold and jewels their rightful reward.

Originally printed in 1958 - 154 pages

— — —

Released September 2nd, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

ITALY in the Fourteenth Century A land torn between two warring factions, where those who owed allegiance to the Pope paid forfeit with their head to the Emperor—Where the only man who had the strength to stave off total disaster was torn between two women—The noble Madonna Giorgina, whom he loved And Luisa, the scullery wench he made a princess!

Originally printed in 1966 - 286 pages

— — —

Released September 1st, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Kothar The Mighty

From the world beyond-or past-time Kothar comes. From out of the deepest, most violent recesses of mankind's collective memory, Kothar the gigantic barbarian strides, the enchanted sword Frostfire glittering in his mighty hand. Lusty, hot-blooded, masterful, unafraid of things real or unreal, Kothar dominates the misty, bloody world before recorded time. Yet, though Kothar's world existed in another age—perhaps another dimension—it springs vividly to life. Mapped, charted, chronicled, Kothar's fantastic world suddenly becomes real—the sorcerers, dragons, witches, evil potions, unspeakable monsters. And Kothar, an epic hero for any age, overshadows everything.

Originally printed in 1969 - 120 pages

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Released August 31st, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

Suave, handsome John Craig did not relish the assignment to conquer The Black Enigma. He would have preferred to continue romancing the beautiful Elva Marlowe—Or any other of his many Women.

But when Alert Command informed him that two space fleets had been consumed by the Enigma, and that the menacing blob was swelling steadily, Craig Couldn't resist the challenge.

Armed with three incredible protective inventions, Craig set forth eagerly. But he soon found out that getting BEYOND THE BLACK ENIGMA was not going to be just another heroic stunt. If he failed in his mission, it could end his life and Planet Earth!

Originally printed 1965 - 122 pages

Released August 26th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

new release! - The Roman and the Slave girl


The fiery slave girl—


The golden wreath of empire—

Marcus could have all these if he but whispered “Kill Him” into the ear of the governor's wife.

And if he refused to help Cornelia in her plot to murder her husband, he would surely die ... a cruel and lingering death in the arena, torn apart by chariot horses or by any one of a thousand refined, barbaric tortures.

Death or a crown? The choice was his and he had to make it ... now.

Here is a robust and racy novel about ancient Britain where the wild pagan orgies were rivaled only by the barbaric slaughter ... where hotblooded warriors and wanton women fought each other to rule a rotting empire.

Originally printed in 1959 - 144 pages

— — —

Released August 26th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

New Release! - Cherry Delight #24 - roman candle

It's a steal!

Cherry Delight, super agent for N.Y.M.P.H.O., arrives in Rome carrying two million dollars in cold cash. On her way to the hotel, the scippi—beautiful, savage girls—attack her in a vain attempt to steal the money.

Cherry's amazing accomplishment—fighting off the ten carefully trained Amazons—brings her to the attention of the Queen of the Underworld. What promised to be a pleasant Roman holiday becomes an adventure that includes assassination, sexual torture and joining forces with the Godmother herself!

Originally printed in 1975 - 132 pages

 — — —

Released August 25th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

New release! - 10 pulp planet stories - Collected & illustrated

Originally printed From 1944 to 1953 Gardner F. Fox wrote for the pulp publishers while writing for comic books as well. This is a collection of his 10 best science fiction pulps he wrote for Planet Stories. The stories are like reading comic books but without the pictures. Gardner F. Fox was one of the most prolific writers during the golden and silver age of comic books. These pulp short stories are playgrounds for what he would ultimately contribute to such DC comics characters as the Flash and Adam Strange.

The Stories are; The Last Monster, Man nth, Engines of the Gods, The Man the Sun-Gods made, Sword of the Seven Suns, Vassals of the Lode-Star, Werwile of the Crystal Crypt, When Kohonnes Screamed, Tonight the Stars Revolt!, The Warlock of Sharrador.

438 pages

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Released August 19th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

New release! - The Gentleman Rogue

He rode for vengeance and he fought for love

He wanted his heritage.

He wanted the loveliest lady in England.

And he had to wrest both from a proud, glittering court whose highborn lords and ladies laughed at him.

So it was Ian Montrose against all - Montrose, the gentleman highwayman, who robbed the rich of their gold - and their wives - and defied even his Queen for his love. England's most reckless, romantic era comes brilliantly alive in THE GENTLEMAN ROGUE by that historian extraordinary, Gardner F. Fox, author of Gold Medal's unforgettable THE BORGIA BLADE.

154 pages - Originally published in 1954

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Released August 19th, 2018

Available in eBook or Paperback

New release! - Five weeks in a balloon


Professor Fergusson believed in his giant balloon-but nobody else did! Yet, fantastically, an American newspaper and the British government backed the Professor in his "lunatic" plan to cross the unexplored heart of Africa--by air!

Fighting savage animals, hostile tribesmen, and the horrendous forces of nature, Fergusson and his six unlikely companions win through to their goal-and then face the hardest fight of all, when enemy gunfire sends their balloon plummeting to earth!

High drama, romance and comedy pack this modern version of Jules Verne's world-famous adventure classic!

182 pages - Originally published in 1962