crom the barbarian - complete comic book collection 

84 pages - 6x9 inches - Partial Color

KNOW, oh prince, that between the years when the comic book industry drank up the Pulp magazines and their gleaming stories, and the years of the rise of the sons of Marvel and DC, there was an Age very much dreamed of, when shining characters lay spread across the newsstands with shimmering glossy covers—Golden Knight, Silver Knight, Black Knight and Prince Valiant with his black-haired bowl cut; fancy speak and Arthurian charms. None of these gallant characters would lay claim to being the first Sword & Sorcery story to appear in Comic Books. Hither came Crom, the Aesir, blonde-haired, cunning in wit, Skull-Biter in hand, a spider slayer, a womanizer, a Usurper, with gigantic attitude and gigantic-er swagger, to tread on the jeweled throne of Ophir under booted heel.

- Keeper of the Sword & Sorcery tradition

Crom the Barbarian is the FIrst Sword and Sorcery Comic Book character. Created in 1950 by Gardner F. Fox and John Giunta for Avon Comics. It first appeared in a Pulp Magazine called Out of This World Adventures.

We’re excited to share the Complete Crom the Barbarian - Comic Book Collection. This collection brings together two previous collections and adds the lost story from 1971.

These were the original collections.

Crom The Barbarian: The Original 3 Stories Together! - 2015


Crom the Barbarian 2nd Collection - 2017

Both collected by Kurt Brugel

Both are out-of-print.

Here are the Title pages for all 8 comic book Stories.


This Complete Collection has all 8 stories.

4 of them in Full-color written by Gardner F. Fox and Illustrated by John Giunta & Jack Katz

4 of them in Black & White written by Gardner F. Fox & Kurt Brugel and Illustrated Kurt Brugel

The first four stories were scanned from original copies of the comic books they were first published in.

Book Details:

This collects all 8 Crom the Barbarian comic book stories.

♦ 3 Full-color stories by Mr. Fox and John Giunta - 1950

♦ 1 Full-color story by Mr.Fox and Jack Katz - 1971

♦ 4 B&W stories by Mr. Fox and Kurt Brugel - 2016

Pages 84

Binding Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink Partial color

Weight 0.13 lbs.

Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

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