Captain Seadog - rePrint - 011

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Captain Seadog - rePrint - 011


Originally printed in 1959.

Accepting International orders.

Pages 188

Binding Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink Black & white

Weight 0.28 lbs.

Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall


These were the rewards Michael Goddard dreamed of when he returned to England with a treasure taken at sword's point from the proud galleons of the Spanish Main.

But instead, Goddard was falsely accused of treachery to Queen Elizabeth. He was left to rot in a dungeon.

Then, suddenly and mysteriously, he was helped to escape. His rescuer was a ravishingly beautiful woman he had never even seen before. And the mystery deepened when Good Queen Bess herself ordered him to perform a service upon which hung the fate of all England.

Was this just another trap baited by an English beauty? Or was it the way for this lusty swordsman to regain his honor and his glittering fortune? What was Goddard to believe?

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Transcribed by Kurt Brugel & Richard Fisher - 2018

Cover illustration by Kurt Brugel

An in-depth Blog about the process of making the cover art for Captain Seadog

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