All of Gardner F. Fox’s Sword and Sorcery books are in reprint!

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The Gardner Francis Fox Library is proud to have all 10 Sword and Sorcery stories written by Mr. Fox in reprint. Sword and Sorcery was Mr. Fox’s favorite genre to write for. He crafted three separate heroes for publishers in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Kothar the Barbarian Swordsman, Kyrik Warlock Warrior, and Niall of the Far Travels.

Gary Gygax listed Kothar and Kyrik as Appendix N Material. He also commissioned Mr. Fox to write Niall of the Far Travels for The Dragon magazine.

His Kothar books were lucky enough to have their covers painted by Jeffrey Catherine Jones and his Kyrik books would be painted by Ken Barr.

kothar’s second book has four illustrations in it. The illustrations were created by Frank Robbins. Mr. Robbins mainly drew for the comic book industry. He is best known for creating the comic strip Johnny Hazard.


If you are a Sword and Sorcery fan, we have put this bundle together so that you can get all 10 Books for $60 (regularly $79.90 + $4 S&H


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These are all of the 10 Books plus 2 other books that are in the style of a sword and sorcery adventure. The Druid Stone is a story about a character that is set to a world that is set in a sword and sorcery world. The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories has a self-titled short story were the character is brought to sword and sorcery adventure in another world.

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